Restoring a backup made in an earlier version

Hi All,

I have to re-image my computer due to the fact that the windows partition of my dual boot system has failed.
Due to office politics i have to wipe my system and start from a clean system. I am currently running 13.1, and this is a good opportunity to upgrade to tumbleweed.

Online there are multiple forums on restoring backups if you have to do anything to your system, but I assume those are for restoring to the same version of the OS. Does anybody have any tips/ things to look out for when I want to restore my current image on tumbleweed?


What kind of backup do you have? Stuff on home is were you normally have your data unless you have some other configuration. /etc is useful for reference to system settings. I would ot use those files on a nwer OS but use them as a reference.

Hi, backup everything in /home . Install Windows, but do not use the entire disk, leave enough space for your TW install and backed up /home.

There are no failing partitions. But there are failing hard disks. It is no good idea to install anything on a failing hard disk - or on any partition of it.
You may run ‘smartctl’ as root from the Linux command line to learn more about the state of your hard disk.
If you already know that your hard disk failed then you’d better buy a new one, and disconnect the old one, in order to have a better chance to make a last backup - if needed.

Good luck

Thanks for the replies guys.

With the failing partition. I was playing around with windows to speed it up. Did a registry clean, which meant that i now get a blue screen on bootup.
And i think a new install of windows will be faster then figuring out what is wrong with the registry.

For in TW install. Data is not my problem since i have a dedicated data partition where all my data resides. My main thing to copy over would all my programs, and libs which are installed.
From the replies so far, it seems i should just generate a list of all installed libs, and install from that list on the TW install?

Then please do not call it a “failed partition” when you simply messed up the data on it. There is nothing wrong with the file system there, let alone with the partition.

Most libs are installed automagicaly when you install the programs that need them. Thus normaly it is adequate when you have a list of applications you installed outside what is installed by default. As allways, system management is a task to be taken serious and as much something of organisation then of technical skills, thus you should have a list of those packages you installed and need in the future. I consider that of the same importance as making backups.

You can still make a list of all packages installed with commands like

rpm -qa

You can modify the output to your liking with e.g. the --gf option, see

man rpm

I use e.g. on a regular base:

' | sort

to get a list sorted by package name.