Restore previously installed packages in a new installation


Is there a way to restore the packages that were installed with Yast?

IoW, a way to backup all the packages that were installed post-installation with Yast, in order to automate their reinstallation after a new installation of Suse?


Saving and restoring are both in the first YaST menu (file>import/export).

As there is no real difference between packages installed during system installation (and remind that during installation one can add and/or remove packages from the proposed list, so that what is installed during installation is not the same for every installation done) and those added later, it is difficult to decide what is installed after system installation.

There are ways to help however.

  1. Make notes on what you add remove.

  2. consult the zypper log.

  3. use the rpm command to query (-q) and see what packages have an installation time stamp later then then the system installation.

BTW, I assume you do not want to “backup all the packages …”, but that you want to have a list of the package names.

And also, the name of the distribution is openSUSE, not Suse

Also, as an afterthought, it is not clear to me what situation you describe. Is this about a new installation on another system right after the first installation (for that there are tools, specially rewarding when having to do many of them)? Or do you mean you have installed the system say one or two years ago and now do not want to upgrade, but do a fresh install to a newer openSUSE version?

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