Restore kwallet from rsync backup of /home?

I was using rsync to back my entire home directory, and now I need to restore the files needed for kwallet to operate. Is that possible? I tried copying kwalletrc, kwalletmanagerrc over to the .kde4/share/config, directory, and the entire .kde4/share/apps/kwallet directory, but when I open kwallet it still goes through the configuration path (GPG vs. blowfish, choose-a-password…). So I’m doing it wrong, I guess.

The “’.kde4” directory is for backward compatibility with the older plasma 4.

For plasma 5, the relevant files for kdewallet are
everything in “.local/share/kwalletd”.

Thank you so much!

I had noticed that .config seemed to be a new thing.

Spent the day yesterday trying to resurrect my laptop… :\

I feel for those who “are trying to restore a computer” to their usual usage.