restore from backup question(s)

Since I installed my opensuse v11 system, and finally got it the way I wanted, I have been using rsync (great tool) to backup my entire system to an external drive.

My thinking being that if I need to recover individual files, they are there easily.

OTOH, if I have a major drive blow-out (or really screw something up when I am installing stuff and playing around), then I should be able to simply insert the installation disk, install the default system, then rsync all of my external drive stuff back to the working drive… and off I go.

Is this a reasonable plan?

I am thinking that restoring this way (to a running system) will surely encounter locked files/data at some point.

How would one best implement a recovery given my backup strategy? (Eg. Are there directories that are set up in the initial install that never change and I don’t need to backup/recover at all since the new install would put them all back as needed anyway.)

Any suggestions appreciated, thanks,

P.S. Is Mondo Rescue worth looking into for Opensuse 11?