Restart X without quitting KDE4?

In order to switch between dual head and single head, I need to log out of KDE4 and log in again immediately, which is annoying. How can I avoid that?

Is it possible to restart X without quitting KDE?

At work, when my laptop is docked, I use a dual head configuration (internal + 1 external screen), but at home I use the laptop without a second screen.

Using the binary nvidia driver, the laptop always selects the correct configuration upon booting (TwinView), but not upon hot-plugging.

Ideally, I would just like to suspend the laptop and continue before/after commuting.

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KDE depends on X running, so if you kill X, you kill KDE.


Jim Henderson
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You should be able to user the KDE display settings (Control
Center) feature to enable/disable a monitor?

The feature is available in Gnome (use it on the netbook), so I imagine
it’s similar.

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No, KDE’s Kontrol Center does not allow to switch between single and dual head.

However, I discovered now that I can switch using the nvidia X-server settings tool. It’s not perfect, since the panels on the second head gets mixed up a bit, but I guess this is just another KDE4 bug then.