respository problems ?

i have problems when try to install software wit zypper that error shows up maybe five times but software install fine and work can anybody tell me what this problems is and can i fix it
Error building the cache database:
Cannot determine type for repository 20080619-212951.

and second question need i to install those multimedia codecs ? because it failed when it try to install them and i dont know why ? i have mplayer installed and i heard that its plays virtualy all those video files is that true ?

Did you use opensuse-community one-click-install to install multimedia codecs? If yes, then it seems that it contains broken repository(i had same problem).

Just enable packman repository and install w32codec-all and you should be ok.

You should look other players as well, like vlc and smplayer (uses mplayer).

yeah i use that ty one-click-install and i cant install them from pacman repos because that software install is down it says that There was an error in the repository initialization.
‘Main Repository (OSS)’: Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)

  • Cannot determine type for repository Main Repository (OSS).
    is this error because there is too much traffic in those mirrors ?

I checked and it looks like repository does not even exist. I disabled it in customise dialog and everthing installed fine. Make sure you have OSS and NON-OSS repos already active.

i make new install of opensuse 11 and in this time it didnt get thos repos to list what didnt work and i think that suse find out and remove those links from list what suse get from internet and that ymp dont work because there is missing some codec file i install xvid and win32 codecs is there mp3 codec included to players or need i to install it manualy ? because i dont have in this time yet any mp3 files to test that

yeah i disable those and change those urls from opensuse list of mirrors,there is other mirrors where is more program than opensuse own mirrors
and now there is no errors that some file is that file is missing