Response to keyboard typing delayed

I have openSUSE 11.3 on my Lenovo Thinkpad X61. It has been running fine for many months, but yesterdaychanged. For example, between the two previous words I had actually typed “something” (“yesterday something changed”) but it was lost. I type at normal speed but the machine cannot keep up. Hopelessly annoying. This happens in every application I have checked. The only unusual thing I did yesterday was to load a bunch of photos off a relative’s digital camera. I’m concerned I may have picked up spyware. What steps do I need to take? Thanks, John.

run “system_monitor”, or “top”, and see what processes are gobling up the processor time. If that does not appear to be the problem, check logs in various log files in “/var/log” to see if they indicate what is going amiss.


Create another user and login as that user and see if the problem is present.

Please let us know…

I had the same experience. I use KDE. In my case I must have hit a key combination which activated sticky keys. In KDE’s System Settings, under Accessibility, Modifier keys, you could check to see if the Use sticky keys box is ticked.