Resolution help

I just installed OpenSuse yesterday. Things were going well, the install went through with out any problems. I was up and running a system with out much effort. I found it odd that DHCP wasn’t on by default, but I found the setting easily enough. I used the Yast thing to check for updates and install some programs like virtualbox, thunderbird, and gnucash. One of the updates required a reboot…

And then the system wouldn’t boot. Grub came up, but said it couldn’t find the boot device. By editing the boot entry I was able to get into Suse and rebuild the grub file. Now I can boot normally, but my screen resolution is only at 1024x768. Grub is set for 1400x1050 - and I can see it start in that resolution when the green curtain/lizard is on screen - but then it flickers and the resolution goes down to 1024.768 before the desktop loads.

The resolution settings in the configure desktop have me maxed out at 1024x768. Help please?
(I’ve got a ATI Radeon 3100 on-board display if that make any difference)

I was able to install the video drivers for my display card and got it working. I downloaded the Radeon drivers from ATI and build a rpm package that installed and solved my problem.