Resolution and mouse poblems on HP 2133 mini-note

Hello all

I upgraded my HP 2133 mini-note to openSuse 11.1, and since then I run into trouble for:

  • Resolution larger than screen (1280x768)
  • Synaptics touchpad lost scrolling functionality (vertical and horizontal)
  • Microphone is not working
    (- W-Lan can be set up using “sudo /usr/sbin install_bcm43xx_firmware”

Concerning the resolution, it seems that there are currently no drivers available for the VIA graphics card, and I am not proficient enough to compile an OpenChrome driver myself.

Funnily enough, after the very first setup with openSuse 11.1 both resolution and touchpad were fine, but somehow I screwed the installation trying to install the microphone … and since the re-installl, I just can’t get all of this running !

Any thoughts ? Help most welcome !