resizing windows fs

hi, i’m new to this forum. i have run into a problem with installing on 1 computer. the error message is: delete windows partition /dev/hda1 (75.0GB). resize is impossible due to inconsistent fs try checking fs under windows.

this is a windows xp box with NTFS running on this partition. my goal is to resize this partition since it has 45 gb free and install opensuse. i want to avoid reloading windows and all the data that is there for obvious time reasons.

what i have done so far is to run scan disk with the /f and /r options on XP reboot. i have defragged the drive and the data is packed to the ‘front’ of the partition. i have disabled the windows paging file and it’s system restore (all in XP)

i still get the error on install. i dont think there are any errors on this drive other than the obvious ‘microsoft’ :slight_smile: any ideas? did i miss something obvious?



If you have a backup of your Windows files and you are absolutely sure of how much of your hard drive is currently occupied with Windows files, it should be practicable to do a manual partition.

The general recommendations are 1G for swap, 10G for / and the rest for /home. Make sure that you also mount your Windows partition (normally /windows/c) at the same time.

Hello everybody

recently ,i installed opensuse 11.1 on my dell desktop with windows xp on it.

I really do not know anything about partitioning.Today when i was trying to download a programm on windows xp,i kept received an error message ,that was reading “NOT ENOUGH DISK SPACE”.

after digging thru different posts,i learned to check how much space i have on different partitions and realized that from 80 GB hard disk that i have ,only 9 GB of it was given to windows, and the rest belongs to linux in the form of sda2,sda3,sda4 and sda5 that i really have no idea what they are .

All i want now is, to make the windows partition much bigger (at least 50 gb), and i do not know how to do this.

can somebody please help me regarding this issue and explain it with the language that is understandable for newbies.

Thank you all.