Resizing partitions non-destructively

We have a new Dell PowerEdge T300 server with SuSE 11 and 3 RAID 5 disks giving around 900 GB of disk space. The default partitioning is very conservative and I need to allocate around 800 GB of free space.

A df -h gives:-
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
4.0G 1.6G 2.3G 41% /
udev 1.9G 224K 1.9G 1% /dev
/dev/sda3 198M 30M 158M 17% /boot
4.0G 165M 3.6G 5% /opt
4.0G 137M 3.7G 4% /srv
3.0G 74M 2.8G 3% /tmp
7.9G 4.3G 3.3G 58% /usr
6.0G 3.1G 2.6G 55% /var
8.1G 38M 8.0G 1% /home

Can I use YaST2 to resize /var and /usr without destroying the data?

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I can’t verify the Yast solution but I have used GParted a number of times to resize/move with excellent results. You can download and burn it to CD for a bootable solution from GParted – Welcome

> Can I use YaST2 to resize /var and /usr without destroying the data?

of course you would backup all in those directories even i said
absolutely, no problem–YaST will do it perfectly and all your data
will be as safe as if it were in a Lehman Brothers vault in August

i am NOT saying that, btw…

i guess your new PowerEdge came with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11,
aka SLES 11, and not with openSUSE 11.0 or 11.1

while you might get a top shelf answer here you do know (i guess)
that you have paid for support from the folks you bought the software
(or hardware, i don’t know which) from…for that reason and for the
reason that SLES 11 and openSUSE 11.x are not identical, i strongly
suggest you seek assistance at while waiting for competent
help here (which won’t come from me…though, i’m years ahead of most
posters here)

btw, you ARE very welcome here…it is just not the best place to seek
aid for SLES…


My apologies, I mis-read your question. A number of people have had problems with GParted and Raid 5.

Thank you for all your replies. All resized OK now typically as fololows:-

(as root)

init 1

lvextend -L 500 GB /dev/mapper/system-usr_lv
e2fsck -f /dev/mapper/system-usr_lv
resize2fs -f /dev/mapper/system-usr_lv