resizing partition/formating/uninstall/reinstall? whichever works...

So I recently installed openSUSE KDE (latest build, don’t know the number?). total linux noob, been a windows user all my life. right now i’m dual-booting between win 7 and opensuse KDE. i originally alotted for a parsley 10gb only to use as a backup whenever my windows inevitably starts having problems and i have no access or means to repair it/ use as a secure place to scan my windows partition and external drives for viruses. i want to expand my opensuse partition.

so my problem is this:
i have a 200gb windows partition, a 15 gb partition (U) i set up to do file swapping cross-os (which i couldnt figure out how to work, btw. formatted it in FAT32). and my 10 gb suse partition (O).
i tried using the built-in KDE partition manager to shrink or completely do away with U, and expand the suse partition. the problem is my suse partition is ecapsulated by an extended partition, whatever that is, and suse has its own 1.5 gb “swap” partition. after shrinking U i tried expanding O, but it said i was already at max size. tried expanding extended, also didnt work, same goes for the 1.5 gb suse swap partition.

i read in another post that i could do the resizing via some sort of bootable disc, the only problem is that i have no access to cd or dvd blanks, and i have no usb thumb drives just 2 external hd’s - 1tb and 250gb.

so how can i go about expanding my opensuse partition? the easiest way i could think of is to just reformat/repartition from windows, and reinstall opensuse from my boot dvd. only problem with that is i cant SEE my suse partition from windows…

i imagine i could also just boot from the dvd and run the installer again, and use the partitioner built into the installer, but i didn’t really feel comfortable with it the first time around. im know my way around a computer but all of a sudden it blindsided me with a ton of options i know nothing about, it was a little too complicated.

any and all help is greatly appreciated. thanks!

nvm pulled a total noob move and i fixed it. please close and or ignore this thread.

I think I can help ya. What you need is gparted. Gparted is what you are looking for, it is what will help you easily solve your problems. It is two steps superior to the openSUSE Yast partitioning tool. (Sorry folks, but this is true). Makes no difference kde or gnome, the Yast partitioning tool does not quite offer the clarity and ease of use that gparted gives you.

Now, whether you get somebody else to burn the liveCD, or perhaps you can put the image on USB memory and boot from it, the place I KNOW you can get gparted is the Ubuntu LiveCD download. I do not think that the openSUSE LiveCD offers gparted. The best rescue/repair LiveCD I have is the Ubuntu LiveCD.

I may get flamed for saying this, but the flamers won’t know what they are talking about. I have a slight preference for openSUSE over other distros for daily use. But, for this one purpose, one product has a clear advantage: gparted.

Now, go study up on the difference between primary and extended partitions, go forth, and create partitions! Good Luck!