Resizing Konsole windows is slow


Does anyone else have a problem with all Konsole windows being very slow to resize?

All other programs’ windows resize just fine, but with Konsole, it takes at least a couple of seconds from when I drag the window border until the window is actually resized.

Disabling desktop effects did not solve the problem, it’s still just as slow as before.

Any clues?


kde4? or kde3?

:embarrassed: Sorry, KDE 4.1

(Version 4.1.2 (KDE 4.1.1 (KDE 4.1 >= 20080828)) “release 52.2”)

I’m in kde3 at the moment but feel this is an issue in kde4

Are you using the nvidia driver? There are known issues with it vis-a-vis Plasma, with resizing Konsole one of the specific symptoms. There is a write-up somewhere which suggests trying several changes in kwin and xorg.conf. Sorry, don’t remember and don’t have it, so you’ll have to search/google. With my card, what improved Konsole was to change kwin OpenGL to “shared memory” and add the Option “BackingStore” “true” to the Device section of xorg.conf.

Thanks for your replies.

Using shared memory OpenGL mode and setting BackingStore to true didn’t work for me. Googling your suggestion, however, lead me to a thread suggestion to run the command

nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2 -a GlyphCache=1

This removed the resize delay on Konsole for me. It’s still not 100% smooth, but at least the delay is gone.

Thanks again.

Sorry, I forgot about the nvidia-settings in the xinit. I’m using those, too. Sounds like we have same card, same perf.

fyi buggy OpenGL with nvidia