Resizing issues

Whenever I resize a window, if a window is popped up from a notification, or whenever I bring my computer out of suspend the windows are messed up. It kind of looks like the content is longer than the window size. Any idea on what’s causing this and how to fix it? In this picture you can see that some of my code on the left is cut off from the window. Making the window larger doesn’t fix the problem unless I maximize it.

Is it happening to all windows or the one you have shown in the picture? It looks like you are running a console application from that window. If that is the case, behavior of such applications will depend on the terminal settings/terminfo database.

It happens to all windows. For example let’s say I have Kopete open, if someone sends me a message when I bring the window up it’s cut off, but if I close it and then reopen it it’ll be fixed until I resize it. This happens to almost all applications that I’m using.

What is your openSUSE version? KDE version?