Resize partitions


I need to increase the windows partition and decrease the opensuse /home partition.

Yast is asking me when trying to resize them to unmount both partitions. However, /home partition is runnning some kde programs and the unmount fails. Is there any other way to do this?


Use a livecd like system rescue cd It has Gparted on it for partitioning. Download & burn to cd & boot from it


Another possibility would be to log out of your KDE session, use CNTRL-ALT-F1 to go to the real console. Log-in as root. Directly as root, no nomal user first, else you still need /home. (In case you are worried about security, nobody will grep your password as long as you close the door behiind you).


umount /home

and call Yast


The ncurses user interface of YaST will be started and off you go!

Without the output of

su -c "/sbin/fdisk -l"

I would not say anything on how to perform this task.

But one thing I will say (or tow things to be precise).

  1. This will not work as easily as stated above (100% probability)

  2. This “decrease openSUSE HOME and add free space to Windows-partition” might not even work at all (50% probability)

deltaflyer44 wrote:

> Use a livecd like ‘system rescue cd’
> ( It has Gparted on it for
> partitioning. Download & burn to cd & boot from it
> Andy
I like Parted magic
it’s smaller and a more focused tool for this type of thing

Suse 11.1 x64, Kde 4.2.1, Opera 10.x weekly

I agree. I only gave a remedy for the unmounting of /home supposing the OP is knowing what he wants and how to do this with YaST.

Be careful not to resize a vista partition with Yast’s partitioner or with GParted. I don’t know about the others.