Resize partition

hi all,

i want to install opensuse 11.0 on my laptop(thinkpad x60s).

i want to dualboot with windows xp professional. however, the partition proposed by the system is not that good. the linux partition is too big - i rather prefere a smaller one, because i just want to experiment a bit.

if i try to resize manually through the slider(edit partition), the changes are not applied. is there anyone who knows how to make the windows partition bigger than the proposed size?

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First defrag you,re Windows partition.
And just to be sure make a backup
And as you,re a windows user can you resize you,re
windows partition in windows , do not know if windows has such a utility .Or maybe you have partition magic.
As a linux user I use gparted to do the job.
In both cases you can divide you,re hard drive in as many partitions as you like.
And than let opensuse use the free partition

I use a free partition tool to partition named EASEUS Partition Manager Home Edition.During my usage it runs well on my computer.You may have a try to download one. Hope this is helpful;)

hi thanks for the help so far.

just to clearify:

at the moment i just have one partition on my computer c/windows (ntfs of course).

if i finally install opensuse11.0 will it format the whole harddisk to ext3 and thus delete my windows partition?


No, it won’t,unless you tell it to.You can also set the partition size by clicking on Partitioning during the set up.


so if i do a manual partition, would something like that work:

dev/sda1 80 GB HPFS/NTFS /windows/c
dev/sda2 20 GB Extended
dev/sda3 2 GB Linux swap swap
dev/sda4 8 GB Linux native (Ext3) /
dev/sda5 10 GB Linux native (Ext2) /home

best regards

why do use Ext2 for /home

sorry, it was a typing mistake. i meant ext3 of course.

do you think it will work?

best regards

It most likely that it work ,but still you have to tell opensuse to use the space you have reserved for here.
And look carefully where it set the mount point , it should be some like set mountpoint c:/windows

i thought that: dev/sda1 80 GB HPFS/NTFS /windows/c will tell suse that space is occupied by windows and that the mount point is /windows/c

O K. It just from point of view you look to it
Most important is that it recognize windows XP
and leave it there as it is
Settings the mount point to windows means ok I knew there is a other OS

thanks for the information. i think i will give it a try.