Resize existing partitions

I have OpenSUSE installed on one partition taking up the whole of my 35GB hard drive on my laptop. Is it possible to shrink it and then add another operating system, such as Windows XP?

I have OpenSUSE 10.2 with KDE.

Thank you for any help.

Yes it is. Try using a third party utility like Gparted for example and shrink your /home directory to make space. You cannot shrink a partition while it is mounted.

be sure to back up everything under /home first

I’ve installed gparted, but in Yast it said it was for Gnome and doesn’t work for me. I’ve installed diskman but I’ve hit another problem. I had to install the /home onto the same partition as the main system install, so I can’t just shrink that. I can’t do anything at the moment as that partition is the active one.

Is there any way I can unmount and deactivate the main SUSE partition and then resize it?

Thanks for you help.

I like the Parted Magic LiveCD ( easy to use and you get great visuals.

It’s never failed me; but anytime you go messing with partitions & partition tables – BACKUP your important stuff on all your partitions.

You can’t resise a partition that’s in use. So you get a live cd – i.e. a Linux on a CD like the System Rescue CD. Download and burn that and use it to boot the compputer. When it’s booted and relaxed again. enter this command to start the Window Manager: startx. That will open a GUI containing an open console. In the console type and enter: gparted. Follow the bouncing ball and resize the partitin on the HDDrive