Resetting Evolution in KDE

I have just started using Evolution with an old email address and a new gmail account. I found that I could see the emails in my gmail account, but not see the body of the email (I’m having the same problem with kmail & Thinderbird). I have added my gmail account again and it is working. But now I’m getting 2 of each email in gmail, one with a body and one without.
I also have other email accounts that I don’t want. I can hide them but I just want to start again fresh.

Is there any way of resetting everything back to default? A setting in Evolution that I haven’t found or a file to delete?
I’m using
Opensuse 12.1
KDE 4.9.00 “release 558”


Well, now Evolution is not showing the body of most of my emails now.
Has anybody had any luck in getting gmail to work with an email program?

To reset your mail settings in evolution, close it completely and move or rename the directories


This doesn’t really sound like a problem in Evolution if you running into the same in Thunderbird and Kmail.Have you looked at the settings provided by google?

Thanks for that. I have tried the google settings. I might be missing something.

Are you missing the preview, or is the message body also missing when you open the email? A screen shot would be useful.

I’m missing both. Here is a screen shot.
SUSE Paste

Why don’t you toggle to allow HTML present in messages. You can do this from
Edit->Preferences->Mail Preferences->HTML Messages->Plain Text Mode.

I have done that, but it still looks the same.
When I first set up gmail on evolution I must have done something wrong because all of the emails were blank. So I deleted that account and set up gmail again. Now it shows the body of the emails most of the time. But for some odd reason it shows 2 of each email. One with the text (except for the odd occasion when it is blank) and a blank email from what I’m assuming is from the incorrectly set up account.