Reset to Factory Default Would Be Awesome!

Hey I just want to suggest that you add an option to set opensuse back to factory defaults somehow. I use kde plasma so if you could use that somehow would be cool or even if its a root command that would be awesome. thanks for reading have a good day.

@errigour from the desktop perspective or the complete install?

complete install. like remove ALL installed stuff.

@errigour If your running btrfs and snapper and kept the original snapshot after install, then yes you could rollback to that.

 1  | single |       | Thu Jul 13 22:29:43 2023 | root | 608.00 KiB | number  | first root filesystem | important=yes

How would that be different from reinstalling?

Wouldn’t that only rollback / though? Everything in opt, root, home and the rest would still be as it was.

@dalto Hi and welcome to the Forum :smile:

That all depends on how your system is configured…

Hi malcolm, would you mind elaborating a little on this? :slight_smile:

IMHO there is not such a thing as “factory defaults”. During installation many decisions are taken (, time zone and date/time, what to not install from the suggestions, first user, what to install extra beside the suggestions, different partitioning from the suggestion, etc. etc.). Thus from the very first boot of a freshly installed system it already customised.

Nevertheless, when you want that situation back, a snapshot, like Malcolm suggests, might be the way to go (but that solution of course only works with a Btrfs root file system), or a byte by byte copy (dd) from the disk (or some partitions) to some other storage.

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Alright snapshot would prolly work fine for me but unfortunetly I don’t have btrfs file system. If I reinstall i might consider it thanks.

@suse_rasputin Have a read here of the archived document and the latest, as the system admin gets to decide what gets into a ‘snapshot’ and what doesn’t… Also see 3.3.3 Limitations in the archive document.