Reset KDE desktop from terminal

Was messing with the setting of transparency, and now my “windows setting” is total invisible (background, fonts, icons…) so i can’t restore/change any setting.
Was trying to delete .kde4 in my folder, but after a reboot is back to place with the same setting.

There is a way to restore it from terminal?

You did not tell which version of KDE you are using.

If this is a “standard” Leap 15.2 installation with KDE desktop then you should find most of the plasma configuration files (!!! and many others, so do not just delete that directory !!!) in “$HOME/.config”.



Is a fresh install of Leap 15.2 I never used Plasma before, so i was messing with settings.

Qt: 5.12.7
KDE Frameworks: 5.71.0
kf5-config: 1.0

You can try force re-installing kde with the following command which should over-write any custom configurations you did.

zypper in -f -t pattern kde


That is complete nonsense. An installation of a system package will never touch any files in a user’s home directory. And that is where the users’s configuartion is (as mentioned: .kde4, .config, etc.)

As user:

mv ~/.config/kdeglobals ~/.config/kdeglobals.bak

Login using the opensuse alternative windowmanager (WM)
Run the kde system settings from there and fix that transparency issue.
Set the settings too for kde to start with an empty session on login.
Logout and login to kde.

Just following up my post.

In tumbleweed the windowmanager alternative here is TWM
I don’t know what was installed on Leap 15.2 as I still haven’t upgraded I am still on 15.1.

The command to open kde system settings in terminal is:


Thanks, this worked!

With IceWM.

I see the problem is resolved, so no need to experiment (unless one wants to)

I may not have run into this specific situation before,
But it’s my understanding that a force re-install is a complete over-write everywhere, not excluding files in /home.
Now, of course if you create a new file that’s not in a file or directory specified in the package manifest, that would not be touched…
But I find it hard to think of a scenario where that might happen.

Still recommend trying it.
If it works, great.
Shouldn’t damage anything if it doesn’t work.


But it’s my understanding that a force re-install is a complete over-write everywhere, not excluding files in /home.

@tsu2, not correct. User KDE configuration in a user’s home directory will NOT be touched. It is not a solution to the OPs reported issue. (You should test and understand things for yourself before posting such suggestions.)

You really think that an install (re-install of an update) will go through /etc/passwd, gather all home directories, go there and remove/change directories and/or files? Regardless if a user is working with that program at that moment in time and thus may see his configuration destroyed underneath him while working?