rescue system on installation media crashes

On my Dell XPS 15 ( Model 9530 / 2013) I can’t use the rescue system provided on the installation media .

When I try to boot into the rescue system from the boot menu ( boot modified boot parameters splash=verbose plymouth.enable= 0) it starts to boot , recognizes the the USB hardware and then loads the 3 parts of the rescue system. After that I get a black screen and the shift-lock LED begins to blink. And that’s it ( only on Tumbleweed there is an additional line *** Signal 11 *** at the bottom of the black screen)
I’ve tried with 13.1 and leap pressed DVD installation media, 13.2 burned DVD (all three running from an external USB DVD drive ) and a Tumbleweed USB thump drive . In all cases I am able to boot with the same media into rescue system on another system and the installation system on that media works on that laptop, too.
How to get more information about that crash to submit a usable bugreport ?
Using serial console or netconsole is no option because there is neither a ethernet port nor a serial port.Only USB ports and Wifi. And magic sysrequest doesn’t seem to work, too.

Maybe try nomodeset.

Nomodeset makes no difference and also brokenmodules=drm,nouveau,i815 to rule out defective graphic drivers ( Both i815 and nouveau because this is an Nvidia Optimus system).

If I start installation system and then abort the installation then there is the same crash. So it seems that it can’t switch to text mode console. Could the 3200x1800 resolution be the reason ?

Possibly that is very hi res and the default drivers may not be up to it through the Intel chip which should be the default in Optimus NVIDA would not kick in until toggled on.