Requesting assistance with Belkin wireless configuration


I’ve been using Opensuse 11 for two weeks (dual-boot with Windows XP Pro) with a Belkin FSD7050 wireless USB adapter (which I manually installed per instructions found on this site). Over the past week I’ve been installing various applications through Yast Software Management to help improve the systems performance and usability (partially because I initially downloaded Opensuse 11 as a LiveCD as I don’t have a DVD burner).

Long story short, something I installed or uninstalled has disabled my wireless connection and I can’t figure out how to repair the connection.

I’m currently using KDE4 and was in the process of switching to KDE3 when this occurred.

In which case I would be grateful for any assistance to get my Opensuse 11 back online so I can resume downloading KDE3.



I found out why I can’t gain internet access. I’m missing WPA Supplicant and Network Manager.

Does anyone know where I can download these from. I need to download them to a non-Linux system so that I can burn them to disc to install to my OpenSuse system.

I would be grateful for any assistance.


have you looked here Webpin ?