[request] Opensuse-13.2 version qcow image needed

Hello Team,

Kindly upload the qcow2 img at below location, currently there is no image



It is not clear what you want to ask.

These are the openSUSE forums where openSUSE users try to help other openSUSE users. It seems that you want to ask something about openSUSE 13.2. That is very old and not supported anymore.

Nevertheless, there might be people here that can still remember how things were on 13.2, but I assume your problem is not very clear, so please explain in more detail.

Thanks for asking…

Basically i want to create docker image with OS : Opensuse-13.2 version and create VM in kubevirt., after that i will use this VM for older project build purpose.
I can able to see the image for latest version from below link,
if any one have 13.2 version it will helpful Or if you know any other method to spin up docker image with old version also.
Kindly help me…

Here you can get an ISO:

Repos are here:


Thanks a lot. We will try to create image with this.