Request newer build for openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 2

Is it possible that some one can upload a newer DVD/CD build of openSUSE 11.3 Milestone 2?

This problem with either Xorg and/or the generic driver makes installation and review of Milestone 2 practically impossible.

Any one?


I agree. Are there some new/daily builds around for testing purpose?

marctro wrote:
> I agree. Are there some new/daily builds around for testing purpose?

Sure, this is what we call “factory”.

Happy testing,
Andreas Stieger

Thanks, I didn’t look there yet. Now I scrolled through their available isos, but unfortunately the latest build seems to be one from 16th february only (I am not sure, but I don’t think the NET-media.iso with 150mb are the correct ones), so thats exactly MS 2, the one with the black-screen issue. In Bugzilla this issue is marked as fixed, so for MS3 this will work. Still I really would like to get a fixed MS2 installed now :frowning:

When was it marked fixed?

Can you not do a text install with milestone2, then log in to a text prompt, add the factory repository, and update that way (from text/run level 3) ?

I note the rpms in the factor repos are dated 19 and 20 feb.

Once updated, then you can try X.

Unfortunately I can’t open anything, not even the console after this black screen, neither does failsafe work. The PC reacts to nothing else but a hard reset. Fixing date of this issue looks like something around 23rd of february. Looking on the roadmap however it’s only 5 days until the next Milestone release. I guess it’s the best choice to wait until then.

I take it then you tried pressing “3” at the grub menu (as opposed to the fail safe approach) and that also failed ?

Kernel versions > 2.6.33-3.1 are not booting due to the switch to GCC 4.5.

So just downgrade to kernel-2.6.33-3.1 (its available in Index of /factory-snapshot/repo/oss/suse) and hang tight till this gets fixed.

If you already have a borked install from upgrading use a LiveCD to chroot in and rescue your system.

The newest kernel boots ok but imho is kinda clunky the latest yast update is quite buggy but that is supposed to be fixed in the next build

Aha! I ran a text install. Then, I downloaded an Nvidia Beta driver using wget.
Installed the driver and…

Now I can see! And, I can proceed with my review!

Whoo Hoo!!


Finally Milestone 3 is available at from 3rd of March. I think I will download them, hopefully the issue is really solved. Opensuse is good in its Roadmap :slight_smile:

Downloaded current Gnome iso, Started Live CD (everything OK), Installed from Live Installer, Rebooted → Black screen… AGAIN, not starting Suse, no matter what you do.

Come on… this is ridiculous.

I went thru this thread a few times to see if you bothered mention the graphic (and motherboard) hardware you were using, but in the end I found it too painful to read and re-read for a piece of information that IF it was included, is very obscure and difficult to find.

So in the absence of any other information, and in the possiblity that this is a simple driver problem, are you familiar with basic openSUSE practical graphic driver structure? ie familiar with the information in this practical theory guide: Unreviewed How To and FAQ - openSUSE Forums
… and is any of the information there relevant to put you on the path to be able to boot your PC’s X window ?

Note I have found some Intel graphic hardware will not work on X in practically any Linux distribution (except for a very primative fbdev graphic mode @ 800x600).

I really have not exotic hardware at all which could have been the reason for this issue besides it is a notebook, motherboard with Centrino 2, Core 2 Duo, Ati 4650, T6400, etc. In fact this model is very Linux-compatible. I already commited a bug report.

It does look very common, like you note.

Does a text install work ? Are you able to now boot direct (not via a failed X boot, but DIRECT) to run level 3 ? If you can get to run level 3, did you try to configure either the fbdev, vesa, radeon, or radeonhd driver via sax2 ? Or did you try to copy the /etc/X11/xorg.install file to /etc/X11/xorg.conf and start X window with that?

I’ve been following bug #577140 on bugzilla about this issue. It happens to people with all kinds of hardware.

The devs have patched the xorg-x11-driver-video rpm but it may not be in Milestone 3. I haven’t installed M3 yet so I don’t know. Maybe someone who’s downloaded the iso can check.

It may be necessary to do a text install and then update the xorg rpm.

Makes me think of a question. Can an rpm in an iso file be updated before burning the dvd?

Ok, I entered “3” into the boot parameter to get into runlevel 3. Result: it still ended up in the same black screen >:(

It’s enough for now, and I will not do a Text install, sorry. I guess I have not the patience to fiddle around anymore with such a basic thing. Really, booting into an installed system should work out of the box, whatever bugs were to come afterwards, but this as the most basic event should definitely work. I mean… it worked in 11.2 and in the very first 11.3 alpha as well. Maybe a kernel problem? Because the versions are different (although I liked the .33)…

edit: I second post above; I also asked myself if I could update the RPM in an iso :confused: That would be a solution. I tried to investigate on how to do this, but it seems not that easy. There is a big “0-File” “openSUSE-gnome-11.2-livecd-gnome-read-only.i686-2.8.0” on the CD that must be extracted or what and I have no idea how to open it.
(Hmm strange, it is called “11.2” although it is 11.3 MS 3 …, but it’s definitely the new one)

I just reinstalled 11.3 with kde4 live cd ran into the same problem
work around boot with fail safe. let the auto configuration run and you should be good to go

Did you get a text log in prompt BEFORE the black screen, and only get the black screen when trying to tune the driver ? … or did you never reach a text login ?? … Apologies for the silly questions, but there is an ambiguity in my mind here and I have absolutely NO idea as to where you ran in to the black screen.

And if you can’t explain where, then IMHO it will NEVER be fixed. ( … or saying it less pessimistically, … it will be far less likely to be fixed.)

If you did reach the text mode with the “3” then there are things that can be tried.

… note, this is an early milestone release, … and if these sorts of hiccups cause you irritation, then you should stay away from milestone releases …

… In fact given the big change coming to GCC, IMHO we are going to see far far worse breakage in milestone-3, milestone-4, and milestone-5. If I had to place money, I would bet that openSUSE-11.3 will be “more rough” than 11.2 because of the GCC change.