Request for sticky on extending battery life

Hi, I think that one major issue that the vast majority of users on laptops face is battery life. So, I would like to request the admins/global moderators to create a sticky regarding how to extend/maximize battery life, listing all the procedures that can be done to accomplish this. I believe this would be very helpful in solving this common problem for everyone. Thanks in advance, Cheers

Try installing the tlp package with its associated dependencies and recommended packages.
Even with default settings it almost doubles the battery life in a typical laptop install.
Then if you have the knowledge you may tweak the setup to your liking for specific situations.

I think you have a misconception here on how these forums work.

The admins/Global moderators are openSUSE users like you. They do not necessary have more knowledge about technical issues then the other members here. They only volunteer to manage the forums.

Thus, when you, or any other member on your request, makes such a Howto, it can be posted in the “Unreviewed How To and FAQ” section. Then you, or any other member can ask to move this “Advanced Howto/FAQ” section and it could then also be made a sticky there.

But first somebody (you?) needs to create something.

Still, battery life and Linux is sometime a problem.
Maybe TS means that it would be a good idea to make a list of tips and make that sticky.
But the question should than be: “How to extend battery life”
I bet that on this forum there are some members who have some good tips/solutions regarding that problem.


Such a sticky would be immensely helpful!

Maybe someone who knows a tip/solution can start a thread where everyone who know any relevant tips/solutions can post them and then a sticky could be made that includes all the info from that thread.

This thread! might contain useful tips too.