request for libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-zfs

Anyone has a clue why this package isn’t available for opensuse?
Looking at it’s currently only available for debian(/ubuntu) and fedora (and ALT if that matters).
After a quick test with ubuntu21.04 for me it’s close enough of an answer to “How to access data from both linux host and windows guest?”. It uses ZFS volumes - which can be mounted same as block devices and hence can be set as storage for a KVM. Why is this important: Well, at least to me I encountered a few issues with the usual method using SMB and mount it as network share in the windows guest - so I need a local volume. And to avoid NTFS issues I just use exFAT.
Sure, I still can’t have the volumes mounted at the same time within the VM as well as the host - but with a bit of help from a few lines of scripts this can be dealt with.

Reason for this topic: I’d like to use libvirt-daemon-driver-storage-zfs while still using opensuse. Is there a way I can build some recent 7.x version matching the current qemu version available from the repos?

ZFS is not supported AFAIK, best to ask on the Factory Mailing list…

I see a users has built support:

So, after additional testing it seems I’ll switch over to ubuntu 21.04 for this project for a couple of reasons.
I don’t want to spam this thread, although I have several thoughts maybe worth discussing. To shortly sum it up: Currently opensuse lacks the support for what I want to achieve while other distros (debian-based ubuntu in particular) come very close to my “ideal world”-wish. In addition to that there’re also some package version related incompatibilities I don’t really have the eager to resolve manually without additional help.
I’m sure with the require effort I may be able to compile quite a lot from source - and maybe it’s even possible to port over some more recent stuff if it’s not fully source-compatible. Maybe suse one day catches up to a point worth switching back or lowering the required effort to get it running - but at least for now the way more simpler solution is just to switch to another distro.
As that’s only subject to my local setup I’ll continue to use suse on my servers. I know not enough about debian based environments to set up a public accessible server securely enough to perform the same hard cut on it.

If anyone is really interested in any deeper, maybe even private, discusion about this - feel free to hit me up. Otherwise it’s maybe better to not spam with a huge wall of text I guess.