Request for a Cryptocat RPM package

I have recently discovered and downloaded Cryptocat: A secure and open-source instant messaging application, which seems to be gaining a lot of popularity recently. While it’s extremely easy to download and unpack and run from the official website, I prefer maintaining all software via software packages, which makes it easier to control and update programs. I looked up Cryptocat on, but was surprised to notice that there are no results!

Could the openSUSE administrators please consider adding Cryptocat to the system packages, granted it’s license compatible? If not, could someone create and maintain a personal RPM repository for it please?

Your currently best option to run a managed version of cryptocat is to run it as a nodejs application from the official nodejs repositories.

Install nodejs on your openSUSE using the steps described in my wiki page

Then install using the instructions from the cryptocat github page

Like any other package management system, it’s easy to update your application, the following is for nodejs