request conky config

I already installed conky in my openSUSE 11.1.But i haven’t conky config file and how to make.I installed conky from YaST.
If u have please give me this config file and how to startup conky.

Thanks u.:):slight_smile:

HOW TO: A Beginners Guide to Setting up Conky - Ubuntu Forums

HEY! That’s my HowTo, what a surprise. However, if you want something that is kept more up to date check it out at Conky Hardcore!:

HowTo: A Beginners Guide to Setting up Conky

Unfortunately it doesn’t tell people how to install; conky, curl, lm-sensors or hddtemp in OpenSUSE.

If someone would care to educate me, I’ll update the page.

Have a nice day.

I think it is for ubuntu,i wanna for openSUSE and how to startup.:’(:’(

Please tell me…

OK, you are in luck, I found out yesterday it is available for OpenSUSE. Check it out: conkyForecast for OpenSUSE, and don’t forget to thank malcolmlewis for that.

Once you have it installed you can get all the support that you need at Ubuntu Forums: Conky Weather Forecast Python Script. Or ask here and I’ll help you, I helped beta test it, so I know a “little” about it. :slight_smile:

Have a nice day.