Req for Comment - openSUSE 15 presentation

A week and a day from now I’m scheduled to do a presentation on openSUSE at the local Lunux User Group

Looking around,
I haven’t found any slide decks created since LEAP 15 was launched, so created my own…

The following URL is what I’ve created so far,

In general,
You won’t find slides for things I intend to demo live… Like early steps in the openSUSE Install, and some of the YaST modules I feel are most important.

  • Comments needed, by experienced presenters who might have ideas I haven’t mentioned or resources used
  • Comments needed, by new Users with little openSUSE experience who can describe what they find persuasive about openSUSE
  • Anyone who wants their own copy of my slide deck to make their own are welcome, like github and gitlab is free for public use and anyone can clone my slide deck for their own use (You’ll probably want to edit your name into your copy)

Personally, I’ve found a great place for my presentation slide decks.
Not all presentation halls have the software to run a slide deck built for LibreOffice or PowerPoint. From any machine running any OS with a web browser, I can do my presentation. If there is no Internet connection, there is an option to export the slide deck so that it can be run locally on any machine.

Comments can be posted here or PM’d to me.


Slide 14: Installation and Technical Description overlap on my screen.

I tend to use the official openSUSE Template, but don’t know if that would work with .

Text accidentally bled off page, so maybe rendering tried to compensate.
Should be fixed.


If the template can be defined in HTML,
It’s probably possible.
Is this a template posted in a Marketing repo somewhere, or in an existing presentation?


It should be in github somewhere, but this is quicker

Renders fine in Chromium. Still see overlap in FF after cleaning the cache, etc and restarting. Tried it in a GNOME VM with FF to make sure it wasn’t a KDE issue or any preferences I had set and same issue:

This is the slide: openSUSE 2018-2020

Figured it out, should be fixed now.
Slight rendering difference in browsers, I had to greatly expand the text object to accommodate unexptected line wrapping.

Yes, that appears to be a LibreOffice OST.
Will look for it.


Renders perfectly now in FF.

Another help command is info. Some use it a lot, others stick with manpages. You know the audience and your own preferences, etc.

If you’re presenting from a KDE session, with more than one Activity configured, <Meta-Tab> allows you to flip back and forth between the Activities …

  • I use this with LibreOffice Impress running on one Activity and having things such as a Konsole CLI running on the other Activity « Need to move the Konsole windows onto to the Overhead Projector “screen” … ».

Re: “Comments needed”:

  • The layout of the Viewgraphs is really quite good – not too much text per Viewgraph …
  • URLs on Viewgraphs – I have mixed feelings – I prefer to included them in the Handouts or better still on some form of electronic media.
  • Possibly, the system configuration at installation time, especially the disk partitioning, could be included in the presentation.
  • My personal explanation of Wicked versus Network Manager: “Wicked” for Desktops using an Ethernet cable; “Network Manager” everything which uses a WLAN for the network connection.
  • Virtualisation: is that true for all Virtualisation implementations – I know that Oracle’s VirtualBox does this (which is why I use it) but, do the other Virtualisation implementations also do this?
  • You could mention that, openSUSE support is available in quite a few languages – not only English.
  • AFAICS, from Bash ‘help’ dumps the Bash commands.
  • Btrfs – yes the preferred openSUSE system partition file system and, XFS is the preferred user partition file system but, the system installer can choose other file systems, if they want to.

The presentation is, after all, for a Linux User Group …

[HR][/HR]“Viewgraph”? Picked up the term from some colleagues based at several New Jersey and Indiana sites – rumours have it that, a large US Space Exploration Administration had coined the term …

In my talks I always emphasize that the openSUSE Project is NOT ( just ) a linux distribution. And give examples, with some screenshots. F.e.

  • OBS
  • OSEM
  • openQA
  • YaST
  • Kiwi

And, that we’re a fully FOSS project.