Reputation Points reset?

Uh… ugly. Did I lose reputation due to failure on my part or were those points reset somehow? :wink:
Greetings to all of you out there!


You forgot old_cpu’s birthday! Bad boy ;).

What interests me, is there a way to deactivate this IMHO useless “feature” for ones own account?

Would be highly appreciated from my side.

Hah !

My wife tells me if I keep purchasing new toys (ie new hardware) I won’t have any more birthdays !!

… she notes the past month I have purchased (or am about to purchase):

  • new PCI graphic card for my 5-year old PC (giving it superb HD video playback)
  • new 25.5" monitor to better display HD video
  • new Intel Core i7 based computer with expensive accessories … (6GB RAM, 1.5 TB hard drive, GTX 260 graphic card, … new mouse needed … etc … )
  • new top quality AVCHD camcorder;
  • accessories for new camcorder (extra battery, monopod, swivel/tilt/ball device for monopod, camcorder bag).
    or saying it differently, she says since my retirement in 7 years is appearing less and less likely by the purchase, whats the point in my having any more birthdays. :’(

But speaking of reputation points, sometimes I find I receive negative reputation points, with a thankyou statement!! And other times I receive positive points with a criticism, … ie user error comes into play where those dissapointed with my uncouth ways, click on the wrong button (and visa versa) !! rotfl!

Somehow it reminds me of Pavlov’s dogs, an old experiment for conditioning responses.:\

Alternatively, its like those silly TV shows where the audience gets to vote, or a modern version of carrot v. stick, without the electrodes.

Oh well, back to kindergarten to try for gold stars, black marks, or whatever turns you on…

Reminds me of a famous quote from one of my favourite british comedy series:


Full ACK @consused

Blackadder was/is a brilliant comedy series. You reminded me of that great line you quoted. There were so many good lines, but I can never remember them - I was too busy laughing to do that. Kindergarten is rarely heard nowadays where I am, only as a comedic reference, but the nursery schools still reward children with stars, and gold stars for really good results. We could do with Edmund here, to answer those railing posts that appear from time to time.

I hope your 5-year old PC presses the right button this time when it rewards you with reputation!

I guess you could create a few new random accounts and start clicking on your rep button if it makes you feel more loved rotfl!.

I never noticed those reputation points until mine turned green. Guess I better behave.

and Happy belated birthday to OldCPU. I guess the CPU’s another year more out of date :wink: