Repro/update problems after 11.1 install

Installed 11.1 yesterday from the purchased DVD kit. Seemed to have gone well. After boot, I wanted to get see if any updates were available and get the nvidia driver. Every attempt met with failure. I can’t seem to connect to the repositories - YaST gives me timeout failures, after some time goes by.

I can get to the repostitory URLs with FireFox. They are reachable, but not from YaST software update anything.

Also don’t see the Green Geeko Head in the panel that the supplied (very good btw) Start-up manual mentions I should see on page 53. GNOME btw.

I did accept all the defaults for the install.

I experienced the same problem yesterday - it may have been due to an overload on the servers (which could cause timeouts). For the base oss and non-oss repo’s, be sure to use a mirror. I just pulled 500MB of updates, no problem this morning.

Thanks for the reply. Got a good mirror site you can pass on?
I’m in the Chicagoland area if that matters. BTW, same behavior today as yesterday. Time outs. Getting to the URLs with FF seems to go at a normal pace.

Also do you see/have the updater applet (Green Geeko) in your panel? I don’t after a standard (default) install yesterday.

Thanks again.

Forgot to mention. Tried to add a new repo:

That times out too.

Never mind on the mirror. I found one at one of the National Labs “in the neighborhood”. Also read that mirrors are automatically found if one uses the link. Won’t let me add it, but at least I found one close. :wink:

On the openSUSE “Get It” page is a link to the list of repositories and mirrors. From Atlanta I use TDS which I think is in Wisconsin; reliable and faster than mirrors much close to where I am (Atlanta).

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.