Repository settings

I’ve done a few upgrades from 15.2 to 15.3 and went through the repositories changing them to point to 15.3 before doing zypper dup. This works but…
the repository paths had a setting (I forget exactly what it was as I don’t have it any more) that looked like an environment variable. I remember seeing something on this forum regarding it but the general consensus was to do as I did. However, it’s been bothering me for a while. It seems like there would be a place where the software version is stored that could be changed to enable the upgrade without making several changes and would prevent the opportunity for errors. So, I’m asking where that change can be made. And, of course, the negative repercussions, if any.


Hi montana_suse_user,

That variable is $releasever . I still have 15.2 hardcoded same as you. It may be replaced be $releasever. Then, you may a) use zypper with the option --releasever version and b) it is advisable to create the file


with your version i.e. “15.3” inside. Then it should be pulled automatically. You can check it in

man zypper

Thank you! I have GOT to learn to keep focused when reading man pages!

But shouldn’t we still disable packman repositories before doing zypper dup?


Well, not anymore since 15.3 according to this:
I’m looking forward to trying it in my “usual” time around end of the year / early next year.:wink: