Repository Priorities Setup

I am relatively new to openSUSE (started using it few months ago), and I read that misconfigured repository priorities could potentially break a system.

If someone could share links to documentation regarding the best practices, please advise.

I am currently using LEAP 42.2, and I would like someone to review my repo configuration. I have changed the repo priorities from the defaults today, and I would like to get feedback if my changes are good.

I never ever change priorities of my repos. The “Vendor sticking” (that is when you have a package from one repo/vendor, it will not be overwritten by a version of another repo/vendor, even if that one has a higher version number) will protect you from problems when you do a zypper patch or zypper up (or their YaST equivalents).

That said, some people give a higher priority (lower number) to their Packman repo. When they then install some more multimedia stuff above what they have already, it will be from Packman. But then again, most people will have enough multimedia players from the basic installation and after they have done the “switch to Packman” they are alright because updates for those packages will be automatically from the same vendor: Packman.

Your list is probably okay.

For myself, I have all repos at 99 except packman at 98.

When there’s a repo which I don’t want to automatically update from, I just disable that repo. Then I occasionally enable to check and possibly update a package or two. And then I disable again.

But what works for me and what works for you might be different, due to different habits.

This is exactly how I do it, as well (the part I highlighted in bold red). The defaults are sufficient for most cases, otherwise the devs would have them preset to a carefully considered optimal setting.

Personally, I would just change all your settings back to the default, but as pointed out – if you desire – give Packman a lower number (higher priority).

… and, Welcome to the openSUSE Community!:slight_smile: