Repository "multimedia" , application Musescore 2.1

Hi, it is my understanding that there is a repository called “multimedia” for tumbleweed containing the application MuseScore. I am running leap 15.0 and would like to install MuseScore.

My questions:
When would leap 15.0 get a repository called "multimedia’ … where I could install MuseScore ?

Is there another way to get hold of the the suse version of MuseScore ? eg. any repository you could suggest

Thanks and Best regards

MuseScore can be found in both the Education and multimedia:musescore2 repo’s if you want to get it from the multimedia:musescore2 repo add it then pull it with zypper (the Education repo has a lot more packages)

zypper ar -f
zypper in musescore

And the following is a link every openSUSE user should have in their arsenal of bookmarks:

Thanks for the “Zypper” commands. … that should give me Musescore.

Another question : Why are the community repositories “Education” and “Multimedia” NOT available in openSuseLeap 15.0 ? Are they still coming ?

Thanks for your help

they are
there is no “multimedia” repo that’s a directory for multiple repositories
you can see multimedia:
houses a lot of repositories inc musescore2
and the education repo for 15 has been out for a long time