Repository 'Main Repository (NON-OSS) (20210430)' is invalid.

Not a good start to the day. Is it me or what?

Strange because I had no problem with laptop earlier which btw had 2900+ updates to do.

Should I just try later or do something?


That repo seems okay here. I suggest you just wait a while. You may have caught a mirror that isn’t fully in synch.

Still not OK on both OSS and NON-OSS.

What next I wonder?

I think I understand. When I had a problem in April it was suggested I went back to earlier snapshots and I assume it is these that have been updated since.

I am willing to try again with current snapshot but how should I sort this out?

I think I have it and as I type my update is working to download 3410 packages. A bit like a new installation so clearly I should have removed my short term fix which was done to fix digikam sooner!

I wonder what new treasures will be revealed.

Sorry to have taken your time.