Repository for Leap 15.0 application (Libreoffice-6.0)

Hi. Not sure if this is the correct forum.
The repository at has been removed.
Does anyone know if there an archive of this repository, specifically for 6.0.7 which I am using now.
There is a bug in 6.1 onwards, freezing LO with .doc imports that prevents me using a later version. I am now reluctant to try any later version without the ability to revert to 6.0.7.
I realise I can revert to 6.05 from original updates if I have to.
Thanks, steve

Found the files on a mirror, now copied local.

I don’t know that anyone is actively providing packages that old.

You can try the Libreoffice archive…


You’re lucky, don’t expect that to last.
You may want to rsync the entire repo to your machine if you intend to use that for very long.