Repository Erros

When I go to install software with YaST, these two errors come up:

Download failed:
File ‘/repodata/repomd.xml’ not found on medium ‘
Download failed:
File ‘/repodata/repomd.xml’ not found on medium ‘

Would this keep me from downloading the correct files? Also, how do I fix these problems? Thanks for your help.

Please post terminal result of:

zypper lr -d

zypper lr -d
# | Alias           | Name                  | Enabled | Refresh| Priority | Type   | URI                      | Service
1 | openSUSE 11.1-0 | openSUSE 11.1-0       | No      | No| 115      | yast2  | cd:///?devices=/dev/sr0                      |
2 | repo-debug      | openSUSE-11.1-Debug   | Yes     | Yes| 100      | yast2  |  |
3 | repo-non-oss    | openSUSE-11.1-Non-Oss | Yes     | Yes| 100      | rpm-md |    |
4 | repo-oss        | openSUSE-11.1-Oss     | Yes     | Yes| 100      | rpm-md |        |
5 | repo-source     | openSUSE-11.1-Source  | Yes     | Yes| 100      | yast2  | |
6 | repo-update     | openSUSE-11.1-Update  | Yes     | Yes| 20       | rpm-md |                      |

Please try this, see if it improves things:
Disable IPv6 - openSUSE Forums

*note, reboot needed

Thanks, that helped a little, I believe. I was able to bring up Firefox and install it, but they errors still come up.

How do you feel about deleting all the repo’s and adding them back?
Can you tell me what part of the world you are in. eg; UK, USA, South America…will be enough info

I wouldn’t have a problem with that. I’m in USA.

Open Yast Software repositories and delete them all.

Use the Add button to the following, use the default url method and in the name and url section add as follows:
For now, make Updates priority 20, leave the others as they default to (99)

Index of /update/11.1

Index of /distribution/11.1/repo/oss

Index of /distribution/11.1/repo/non-oss

Just add those for now, you will want others like Packman later but lets see if this is any better for you.

caf4926, you’re an awesome human being. That worked. Thank you.

So now, I guess, Packman’s something I need/want to mess with?

Packman for USA

Index of /suse/11.1

You might want to check this
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