Repository corruption?

I just installed 11.1 on a computer and was adding some software. I
tried adding a couple community repos - Videolan and Packman - and
started getting the following error (or similar):

Digest verification failed for primary.xml.gz. Expected
bc43d843c6d25e97255c57cf2c2c835cc2f2da4f, found
772a1893e6a53ed7ed88e62c2d9e490f09bb73c7. Continue? [yes/NO]:

That was from the command line doing a zypper ref but I also got similar
messages refreshing in YaST.

I’m not sure how to go about fixing that. Should I just delete the
repositories then readd them? Is there an easier way? Did the bad guys
take over all the openSUSE repositories? <g>



Kevin Miller
Juneau, Alaska
Registered Linux User No: 307357,