Repositories vs. Add-ons

What is the difference between software repositories and Add-on software? Both allow to specify external sources of packages. My question is related to AutoYAST. I recently installed openSUSE 11.4 on one of my computers. Now I want to use AutoYAST to install 11.4 on different computer with the same set of packages. AutoYAST allows only to specify Add-on products, not repositories.

My understanding is th Add-on are propritary binary packages. Repositories generally but not always provide open source packages. Exceptions are things like some video drivers can be found in special repos. AuyoYAST is basically a way to clone an installation so I’d expect that any repo’s set up in the original would be available after the install.

I would expect the same, but in my case AutoYAST wasn’t aware of the repositories present in the system and they had to be added manually as Add-ons.