Repositories / Priority


is it still useful/needed/effective to set different priorities for each repo in order to control the update?

Means: if I set repo A to prio 50 and repo B to 99 and do “up” or “dup” will that pull the packages from repo A (even if in B are higher version numbers)? Or does zypper simply look for the highest available version and install that?

I saw different threads in this forum telling not to use priorities.

Not in 11.2
Use the Package switcher to force upgrade on community repos if necessary and finally on Packman to maintain multimedia.

11.1 = Yes

Thanks. That’s what I thought.
But why is there still that option to set priorities? Or is there any possibility to change the behaviour to that in 11.1?

Wait…I think I see…
If I do the first vendor change like the way I want to have the repos used (either by yast - switch system packages…or zypper dup -r $REPO) a regular update won’t change the vendors.

But if I do a “dup” at any time with all repos active, it could change the order my repos are used.

Is that right?
Why was that option removed?

Basically yes that’s it. Because I use factory I update with software management and filter by repo. Update all in this list if newer ver avail. But obviously I have already used the switcher on the repos as required, doing it last on Packman.
And yes, ‘dup’ from the terminal will upgrade to newer packages wherever they are available - regardless of the switch.
The repo priority can be used, but personally I see it largely redundant now.

Apologies, but I don’t get it exactly.
Leaving “dup” aside (which would always get newest package regardless of vendor or prio)…

Let’s say I have some repos from build service and some real 3rd party repos. So the repos from buildservice have the same vendor (buildservice), all others have different vendors.
Doing an update with just “up” would give me the latest version of a package within the same vendor. Can that still be changed by priority?

Let’s say there is an update available in KDE:Community (prio 40) and KDE4:Community:Factory (prio 99) with higher version in KDE4:Community:Factory. Would the priority be effective and the update from KDE:Community installed if I do a simple zypper up?

I tried to test that with some dummy packages in local repos, but that’s a bit over-the-top for me :wink:

I only have 1 update available ATM. it’s from the wine repo.
zypper lu shows the update regardless of the repo priority

I don’t have time ATM to do any more research on this, apart from the fact that for me it’s slightly pointless since updates now work differently. And your question about ‘Do we still need the priority feature’ seems to be a good point.
Perhaps a question to put to the devs in the IRC #suse

Thanks for your input so far :slight_smile:
The point is that there’s no documentation for all this. At least I did not found anything.

I think I’ll really forward that question into IRC later.

Good thread! I have these same questions too. I have the priorities set on my repos, but if that doesn’t help, then I am wasting my time doing it. I would like a definitive answer on this topic. I saw another thread today and could not help answer it because I had read this one and realized I no longer know what to do. :smiley:

In 11.2
Default settings has all at 99
You can just run zypper up and all is well.

Once you add community repo’s like kde4 factory and packman, you need to tell the system that you want it use packages from those and so replace the base system oss and update with packages from the community.

I do it this way on a installed and updated system. I add kde repo’s and do this](

Then add all the packman stuff and do this

From then on. I zypper up just fine on a regular basis. Or update all in yast repo lists (software management)

You may need to use the switches again when there is big shift in kde factory.

I did the switches, but I still set the priority as well. So, the priority is not used at all anymore, or does it still work? No hurry on the answer. Just curious.:wink:

This is new to me as well (although I’m not yet running openSUSE 11.2). Is there a zypper command to set the preferred repos , or does this need to be done from the GUI package manager (as outlined)?

If you mean set priority value yes

man zypper

there you will find all the commands.

I don’t know - Is the short answer.

To try and elaborate: I basically ignore priority settings now. All at 99 and keep kde pure to factory except for those Packages like k3b and ktorrent that get pulled to packman by the packman switch (Which I always do last).

I mostly work in Yast - Software Management and update each repo for newer versions.

If you mean set priority value yes

man zypper

there you will find all the commands.

No - completely familiar with all that. Its the new package management switches that caf4926 is describing, which he sets via the software management tool. (Priorities not being required to be adjusted as before).

In that case no. That is a filter set in Software management. most likely use the zypper option that sets the repo.

something like
zypper install ~/rpms/foo.rpm

To me people seem to mixing 3 things here

zypper dup != zypper up != yast

zypper dup will not update to the latest but will try its best to keep repos in sync, according to wiki zypper dup will not change vendor, even if priority is higher.

zypper up will change vendor if a newer package is found on another repo, with higher priority.

the yast behaviour above(which I’m not aware before this) seems to relate closer to zypper dup -r repo1

So it it would be only zypper up, and I presume the update module in yast, and presumably the update applet that would follow the priority.

Any way that is how I see it, how people manage there updates from that little lot will be down to them.


zypper dup clarity bit wrong above

zypper dup will update to the latest but will not change vendor, even if priority is higher, and the package is newer and …distribution upgrade algorithm, which handles package splits, unmaintaned packages…

Also I suspect one of the update if newer options in yast software management would also keep to priorities.

So you have
zypper dup
yast update module - applet -(iirc these would be patches only)
zypper up - yast software management update to newer (both will do packages as well)
yast update to repo sounds like zypper dup -r to me

Well after typing that little lot I have to say even I’m confused over all the choices given.

So, does Priority still work, or not?

Thanks for clarifying FeatherMonkey. That makes sense to me.

Priority works but it depends on you update policy patches only yes. Packages if you use yast software management update to newer(or what ever the choice is)yes.

The above shown is closer to zypper dup -r, in the case of zypper dup it will follow repo priority but does a little more meaning it won’t change vendor(Though I have swapped vendor and had a good results kde stable <-> kde factory).

Basically the way I see it if you use…
yast update module - applet -(iirc these would be patches only)
zypper up - yast software management update to newer (both will do packages as well)

yes it will… conclusively but zypper dup I couldn’t exactly say but it does seem to work but I’ve always erred on the side of caution and disabled anything not needed.