Repositories on are not always reliable?

Hi, I must say I’m completely confused with repositories. Already tried to search many times.
Are repositories on official actually sometimes created by someone else or they are not tested? There are a lot of program sources that are not listed by default (in default installation).
And also when trying to add a link from official source, system warns that gnupg key is untrusted. Is it untrusted only by my system or by suse? Can I trust category Emulators, or Emulators: I can’t tell the difference yet? Using Software program to install new apps.
Sorry for the newbie question but I’m confused why official parts are “untrusted” and warnings that come with this message.

In a nutshell;

  • home:/ repositories are maintained by their individual owners - for example home:Miuku is maintained by me and may or not contain stable software (I use most of it in a corporate environment so understandably I try to keep mine pretty stable)
  • other directories are owned by their respective maintainers, some of which are SUSE employees and some are not (but they should go through an acceptance / review process anyway)
  • directories with : are subprojects of their main repo, if you have emulators/ and emulators:/ you should use the first one.
  • Packman is maintained by 3rd party contributors.

In short; if you want to run ‘stable’ software only, you should not install anything from OBS unless you have no other choice or need vastly newer versions than those that are bundled, with the exception of perhaps Packman.

Essentially: It’s a horrible mess currently but it’s being improved in the future with the centralised package installation system (PackageHub).

Thank you now it’s more clear for sure!
So, I’ve found a way to install Wine emulator from disk and not network as it had that “OBS” signature.

The standard repos – the ones that were configured during install – should be fine. And the packman repo should be fine. And “wine” should be available in the standard repos.