Repositories NOT working

Does an unsupported distribution mean that also the repositories of said distribution will not be available? I have Leap 42.1, I am looking to upgrade it at a later date when am not on a critical project. However, I can seem to be able to update the official repositories nor download applications from said repos. For example, I am trying to install imagewriter from here but even the binaries are unavailable.

yes they get removed luckily one of the mirrors archives old versions
just modify your repo’s to point to OSS non-OSS Update-OSS Update-non-OSS

and you should be able to install imagewriter or what ever
but if you are planing an upgrade I’d suggest a live upgrade (that’s how I’ve upgraded since 13.1) imo it’s the fastest way to do an upgrade just keep in mind if you have 3rd party drivers to remove them before applying the upgrade