repositories during installation


Should these both be checked during installation for Open Suse 13.2. What would happen if they were checked and likewise not checked during installation?

Add online repositories before installation
include add-on products from separate media

Your inputs would appreciated.


Don’t have to be.

Add online repositories before installation should not be check if you are not using a hardwired Internet connection. And even then it is really not needed.

If you don’t have any add on products no need to check. You would know if you did.

In any case you can always do these things after the install.

Thanks! gogalthorp. This helps.

The first, add online repositories, would be for downloading and installing the many updates while you are installing the system. Personally, I prefer to avoid that altogether, since I have on occasion run into Installation hangups doing this. Plus, it can take a very long time to do the install this way. If it does lock up, you have lost several hours and have to go through the process over again while holding your breath it will not lock up again. Trust me, that is a long time to hold your breath.:wink:

Much better to do the install through to completion, then run your updates once up and running.

The second, include add-on products from separate media, could be other programs or special drivers that you might need to install at the same time, say from some 3rd party disks, something that is quite rare now.

Leave them both unselected, do those things after you are up and running.

Good luck with the install.