Repositories and opensuse versions

What will happen if me put a repositories of opensuse 11.2 in my opensuse 11.3 ??

Do not mix repositories. Do not mix versions.

Hum, ok!
But, I can add a repositories that i dont have. For exemple: There is no repositories for openSuse 11.3 of application x, but there is this repositories for openSuse 11.2.
In this case conflict will happen?


What is package x? You need to ask the package maintainer to add it to
the 11.3 build.

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More than likely, yes, a conflict will happen. You need to really understand packages, dependencies, metadata, and all around package management, in order to mix things like this. Even then, you would know that this sort of thing is just asking for trouble.

Thanks very much! I understand :slight_smile:

I will not mix repositories.