repositories and codec

just updated suse 11 kde4 online and noticed only have a few repositories in software repos… which other repositories should i add??
In 10.3 gnome they were added from an online database i think and i didnt have to add any.

Now i have kde4 suse 11 and its a different setup, i think i have to add all them myself, right? so which ones to add??

i dont have any mp3 decoder for k3b and my video player doesnt play all the codecs , is there a repository to add or should i use the opensuses 11 restricted format one click download??

here are the only repos i have? what others are a must??

default opensuse-11.0 updates http
120 opensuse-11.0 debug http
120 opensuse-11.0 non-oss http
120 opensuse-11.0 oss http

debug repo is not enabled, should it be?

add the Packman repo too, the debug repo is not needed

Launch YaST Control Centre -> Software -> Software Repositories

All the community reositories that you require can be configured from here.

If you use:
to install progs and things… you automatically get to choose if you want the repo(s) added, this way you will have all the ones you need very soon.
After that I delete some, keep the rest and change to settings, update on/of.