Repositiry question - fglrx repo

I have been waiting for the most recent version of fglrx, discussed HERE to appear in the AMD/ATI Graphics Drivers repo HERE

Looking today I see that RPMs for fglrx 15.302.3 were added back on March 18 but they do not appear when using the YAST2 Software Update interface.
I do note that the files in the repository/repodata/ folder have not been updated since Dec 2015.

I am no repository structure expert; and would rather not make a mess of my system, should this due to a bad build of the RPMs or ??
So thought I would ask if someone understands what might be going on.

Good catch, I didn’t realize that at publish time on March 18th the builder didn’t sign nor create a new repodata content.
Proof is to never never do something in a hurry :slight_smile:

I’ve rebuild tonight the version for 13.2 and Leap the signing has occured and now the mirror is going to be upgraded.
So in half an hour everything should be ready online to be installed.

Successful update to fglrx 13.12 using YAST2.