Repos Down

Just a quickie to say the repos are down currently. 5am BST 23 April

Nice I was in the middle of a massive update on 2 machines.

Jump on a mirror?

Really! My gut say “what not again …” I wonder how this can be happening so often, my web host company has been hosting my sites since 2002 and have only experienced 1 downtime event which was announced 3 weeks before hand and lasted about 2 hours. But some of my sites have exceeded their monthly bandwidth and been down from midmonth pending start of next month.

I do know about mirrors.:slight_smile:
It’s too much of a pain in the proverbial to switch all my build service repos to different mirrors. I’ll just not logout or reboot until I get the updates complete, hopefully later today.

techwiz03 wrote:
> I wonder how this can be happening so often, my web host company

unlike the 99.99% your web host (and mine) provides, the openSUSE
repos are scattered all over the world, and most often the bandwidth
is provided for free by universities, government and company servers
friendly to open source…

that is, and do not take
you to either Novell or community owned/hosted servers…in fact both
of those addresses are a redirector to “automatically select one of
the known and active mirrors from a database”…

if that database says a mirror is available you might be directed to
it, even though it might have gone down some hours ago…or, been
throttled down to make sure the students at the university have the
bandwidth they need…

lots more on this at or linked from

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