Reporting Bug openSUSE 13.1 KDE x64

According to “”, a newer user should submit bugs to the openSUSE Forum.

Now in openSUSE 13.1 KDE x64 I use secure file permissions, so that option is enabled in the “Security Center and Hardening” program. When I lock the desktop and try to shutdown or restart the computer, it asks for my password as it should. The issue is that I am unable to enter my root password. Accessing the shutdown or restart option, with secure file permissions enabled, in this sequence prevents any text from being accepted in the root password box. Thus I am unable to give my authorization to shutdown the computer and must log back in to access the shutdown or restart option when logged in to the desktop.

On Fri, 07 Feb 2014 04:26:01 +0000, BMor wrote:

> According to “”, a
> newer user should submit bugs to the openSUSE Forum.

Not so much “submitting a bug” to the forum, but using the forum to see
if anyone else has seen the issue or to diagnose if it’s a bug that needs
to be reported (as opposed to a configuration issue, for example).

If it turns out to be a bug, then you’re encouraged to submit it, but
let’s see if anyone else has run into this issue before taking that step.

I use 13.1 GNOME, so I haven’t seen this issue myself. Maybe someone else
has, but I just wanted to clarify that “bugs” reported here won’t get
attention, and that’s not the purpose of posting to the forum - the
purpose is to see if it’s actually a bug that needs to be reported.


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