Report bug Screen saver freeze

I am not complaining, just reporting a possible bug. I am using openSUSE13.2 KDE for two weeks now and the shark screen saver froze. This is a one time occurrence so I don’t know if it is a typical computer glitch or a bug.

Amount of memory? video card and video driver?

Need a bit more info we can not guess what you have or how it is setup.

Screen saver froze again. I have a Dell Inspiron 660 with an Intel i5, 8GB ram, video card I think it is Intel integrated graphics but I am not sure. I don’t know the driver. I didn’t install any new drivers. How do I find these things in openSUSE?

If intel graphics need no additional drivers.

as root

will list pci based hardware in your machine.

You can’t report bugs here, we’re here to help ( you find out whether you actually hit a bug ). If you want to report a bug:

If it is indeed intel graohics, this might help:

(if it doesn’t help, you’d better revert the change again though, as it might influence performance slightly to the worse…)

Thanks. I didn’t know.