Report bug in project in build service?

Hopefully this is the right forum :slight_smile:

What’s the process for reporting bugs in RPMs built by the build service? I’m using Gnome-Do and the plugins from Mono:Community, but the Banshee plugin won’t work. It looks like a simple enough issue as the log says:

WARNING: [Do.Banshee,1.0] Could not load some add-in assemblies: File '/usr/lib/banshee-1/Banshee.CollectionIndexer.dll' not found.
ERROR: Errors found in add-in '/usr/lib64/gnome-do/plugins/Banshee.dll:
ERROR: The file '/usr/lib/banshee-1/Banshee.CollectionIndexer.dll' referenced in the manifest could not be found.

but I’m on a 64-bit system and so it is actually in /usr/lib64. The temporary fix is just a symbolic link, but the Mono:Community project doesn’t have a “bug owner” nominated and so I can’t report this up to anyone without directly emailing someone (which isn’t normally appreciated).


Bud for this go here

Thanks. I’d seen the link to the “report a BuildService bug” on the openSuse bug reporting wiki page, but I’d assumed that was “report a bug with the Build Service” rather than “report a bug with a package that was built with the Build Service”.